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GXDK2 Series Low Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker


GXDK2 Series Low Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

I.Thescopeofapplicationanduse1. GXDK2low-voltagevacuumcircuitbreakersareavailableinboththermalandintelligentversions:theGXGDKswitchgearhastheuniquenessofamechanicalandelectricaldoubleinterlocksafetyde
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I.The scope of application and use

1. GXDK2 low-voltage vacuum circuit breakers are available in both thermal and intelligent versions: the GXGDK switchgear has the uniqueness of a mechanical and electrical double interlock safety device.

2. When the electricity is disconnected, the air is critical without arcing, which eliminates arc ignition and arcing accidents and has high safety.

3. The breaking short-circuit current is large, the high-speed breaking, the rapid arc-extinguishing, and the closing and closing performance are stable and reliable.

4. It can be operated frequently with load, the static and dynamic contacts are not easy to burn, the service life is long, the maintenance is small, the protection function is complete and reliable, and the automatic monitoring can be carried out. It will not be overhauled for 20 years.

5. Wide range of use, high degree of protection, not subject to high altitude and low pressure, coastal, dirty, explosive places and so on.

6. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance, and can be installed in the box type and other types of power distribution cabinets for distributing, controlling and protecting the power supply.

7. The economy is good, the price is lower than the latest air circuit breakers at home and abroad, and the technical content is higher than that of similar foreign products, and the price is 70% lower.


The vacuum circuit breaker intelligent release can easily adjust the current and time setting values to achieve the following protection functions:

1、Overload protection (long delay inverse time limit);

2、Short circuit short delay protection (0.1-0.4s);

3、Short circuit transient protection (0.02-0.06s);

4、Undervoltage protection (delay 0s-5s);

5、Earth leakage current protection;

6、Load monitoring protection;

7、Pre-alarm current protection;

8、Current and voltage display functions;

9、Fault memory function;

10、Tuning, testing, fault and operating status or category indicating functions, etc.



IV.The main technical parameters are shown in the table.


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