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GXW1 Series (630/2000/4000) Universal Circuit Breaker


GXW1 Series (630/2000/4000) Universal Circuit Breaker

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GXWl (DWl6) series universal circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) has a rated current of up to 4000A and a rated working voltage of 690V. It is mainly used in distribution networks for overloading and short-circuiting of power distribution, protection circuits and power supply equipment. Undervoltage protection. Under normal conditions, it can also be used as an infrequent conversion of the line. Circuit breakers with rated currents of 630A and below can also be used to protect motor overload, short circuit and undervoltage in AC 50Hz 380V networks. It can also be used as an infrequent start of the motor. It can also be used as a single-phase metallic short-circuit protection in a TN distribution system where the neutral point of the transformer is directly grounded. As this series of products has updated the contact system, and has improved the design of the arc extinguishing chamber and overcurrent release, the product has the characteristics of high breaking capacity, complete protection performance and long service life. It conforms to the international electrical IEC60947-2 standard and the JB8590.2 national standard. Its installation size is the same as that of the DW10 series. It is an ideal product recommended by the relevant national authorities to update the DW10 series circuit breaker.

II.Model meaning


III.See the technical parameters


IV.Dimensions and installation dimensions are shown below


V.Installation, use and maintenance

1. Before installation, check whether the circuit breaker specifications meet the requirements for use.

2. When the ambient temperature is 20±5°C and the relative humidity is 50-70%, the insulation resistance should be greater than 10MΩ by using a 500V megohmmeter. When it is not reached, it should be dried.

3. The circuit breaker chassis should be installed perpendicular to the horizontal position, fastened with the specified fasteners, installed balanced, without external stress, and reliably grounded at the grounding.

4. When the circuit breaker is installed, the arcing distance should be taken into account and the arc extinguishing chamber should be installed. Avoid bridging the busbar at the arcing distance directly in front of the arc extinguishing chamber.

5. After the circuit breaker is installed, the undervoltage, shunt release and motor operating mechanism should be energized before the main circuit is energized. Check whether the circuit breaker can operate within the specified range, and manually check whether the closing and disconnecting are normal, and the movable part cannot be jammed with the parts of the arc extinguishing chamber.

6. The circuit breaker should be inspected regularly. The lubricating parts should be injected into the rotating parts: but it must be paid in the state of power-off. The moving and static contacts have tiny metal particles on the surface and have no effect on the performance. It is not necessary to remove the two walls of the arc extinguishing chamber. The marks should be cleaned and severely burnt or broken.

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