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GXW2M Magnetic Circuit Breaker


GXW2M Magnetic Circuit Breaker

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GXW2M-1000 and 2000 series magnetic field circuit breakers are newly developed by our company to collect the advantages of various magnetic field circuit breakers at home and abroad. It has the advantages of strong carrying capacity, high arc voltage of switch breaker, fast breaking speed, etc. It can be widely used in the excitation circuit of DC generator, water wheel and turbo generator, as a fault such as short circuit inside or outside the generator stator circuit. Directly cut off the excitation circuit to achieve an important protection device for rapid demagnetization and prevention of rotor overvoltage. At the same time, it can also be used to carry and break the magnetic field circuit under the conditions of no-load, load or strong excitation of the generator or as the bearing and breaking of DC motors such as subway, light rail and electric locomotive.

II.Model meaning


III.Technical data and performance



3.2 The rated voltage of the permanent magnet operating mechanism is DC110V, DC220V, and the permanent magnet mechanism should be able to work normally within the range of 85~110% of the rated voltage, and normally open within the range of 70-110%. The operating frequency is 60 times/h.

IV.Shape, installation size and control circuit wiring diagram

4.1 Shape and installation dimensions as shown


4.2 Control circuit wiring diagram


V.GXW2M series magnetic circuit breaker structure, control principle and characteristics

5.1 Working principle

The schematic diagram of the excitation circuit electrical wiring is as follows. The magnetic field circuit breaker is composed of two sets of normally open main contacts and one normally closed auxiliary contact which can be connected in series with the demagnetizing resistor. The two main contacts are respectively connected in series between the positive pole and the negative pole of the excitation circuit. When the generator is in normal operation, the main contact is closed, and the auxiliary contact is normally open. When the magnetic circuit breaker trips, the principle is that the auxiliary contact is closed first and the main contact is opened later to ensure that the magnetic field current can be fully Transfer to the nonlinear de-excitation resistance loop to achieve the purpose of rapid de-excitation.
Main circuit electrical schematic


5.2 Operation Control System

The operating mechanism developed by the latest permanent magnet patent technology has magnetic stability and high reliability. The low power consumption and other features greatly reduce the power of the power supply by using electronic circuits.

Note: When testing with a rectified power supply, please ensure that the voltage of the regulator is around 10KVA, otherwise the electronic components may be damaged.

5.3 Contact System

The main contact adopts multi-branch parallel connection, which can improve the contact contact area and reduce the electric repulsion between the contacts. The contact material is made of silver alloy, and its contact

The resistance is small and the welding resistance is good. Its structure is as follows:

1, the arc extinguishing chamber

2, the arc angle

3, moving contacts

4. Lower busbar

5, the base

6, permanent magnetic pole

7, lead film

8, the upper bus

9, arc angle


5.4 Arc extinguishing system

The arc extinguishing chamber made of high-strength arc-proof material adopts the principle of magnetic blowing and the way of arc extinguishing of the grid. The arc-blowing ability of the arc-extinguishing magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet does not change with the magnitude of the magnetic field current, and the arc-extinguishing magnetic field has a direction. Sex, the current direction must be marked according to the "+", "→" and "-" on the busbar. When the wiring is incorrect, it will malfunction or even burn the circuit breaker. The new material-high energy PTC and znO components are used to limit the electric field strength, so that the arc generated by the DC inductive load during the switching process can be uniformly limited to a certain electric field strength between the arc extinguishing hood grids, and is better. The arc extinguishing effect. And obtained the invention patent (ZL 2007 20043251.3)

The arc extinguishing chamber has the characteristics of small volume, large arc extinguishing capacity, high reliability, long working life and easy maintenance.

5.5 Auxiliary contact performance

The auxiliary contact has a heating current of 6A and a rated working voltage of AC380 (40)V and DC220V.

5.5.1 Auxiliary contact form: six normally open six normally closed.

5.5.2 The auxiliary contact type is AC-15 or DC-13, the rated control capacity Pe: AC 300VA; DC is 60W.

5.6 Auxiliary contact terminal lead line as shown:


VI.Demagnetization waveform

1. GXW2M demagnetization recording of silicon carbide SiC nonlinear resistance

It can be seen from the oscillography that the residual voltage of SiC is very high, reaching 2300V, the power supply voltage is 360V, and the arc voltage of the fracture is 2660V.


2. GXW2M demagnetization recording of the measured resistance of zinc oxide ZnO nonlinear resistance

From the oscillography, the demagnetization residual voltage of the ZnO non-linear resistor 2500A is 1200V, the power supply voltage is 500V, and the fracture arc voltage is 1700V.



7.1 Before installation, check the insulation resistance of the magnetic circuit breaker with a 500V megohmmeter. When the ambient temperature is +20±5°C and the relative humidity is 50~70%, it should be no less than 10M, otherwise it should be dried.

7.2 Check whether the permanent magnet operating mechanism of the magnetic circuit breaker can be reliably separated and closed within the specified voltage range. During the closing and opening process, the movable part and the parts of the arc extinguishing chamber are not stuck.

7.3 The structure of the installed magnetic circuit breaker must be flat and in a vertical position

7.4 Selection of the cross section of the installation busbar or cable: The cable or busbar connected to the busbar of the magnetic circuit breaker should have sufficient contact area, and the busbar or cable close to the circuit breaker should be installed and tightened to avoid various mechanical and electrical loads. The stress is transmitted to the circuit breaker.

7.5 The arcing distance between the arc extinguishing chamber and the adjacent conductive and grounding parts shall be greater than 150mm

Ⅷ.Use and maintenance

8.1 The rotating part and the friction part must be regularly coated with lubricating oil.

8.2 After the magnetic field breaker breaks the strong excitation current, the contact should be inspected in time, and the parts of the circuit breaker should be wiped out by the smoke marks on the arc spray. It must be noted when checking the contacts.

a. If small metal particles are formed on the contact surface of the contact, it must be removed with a file and the original shape of the contact is maintained.

b. If the thickness of the silver alloy on the contact is less than 1mm, the contact parameters must be replaced and adjusted.

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Instructions must be made when ordering: product name and model number, current level, operating voltage level, order quantity, delivery date.

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