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GXM1L Series With Residual Current Protection Plastic Case Circuit Breaker

GXM1L Series With Residual Current Protection Plastic Case Circuit Breaker


GXM1L Series With Residual Current Protection Plastic Case Circuit Breaker

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GXM1L series with residual current protection plastic case circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as leakage circuit breaker), suitable for AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), its rated Insulation voltage is 800V, rated working voltage is 400V, rated working current is 630A (800A) in the appliance for infrequent conversion and the motor is not frequent Use it. The circuit breaker has overload, short circuit and under voltage protection functions to protect the line and power equipment from damage; at the same time, it can provide indirect Contact protection also protects against fire hazards that may be caused by long-standing ground faults that cannot be detected by overcurrent protection. In other protection When the device fails, the GXM1L leakage circuit breaker with a rated residual operating current of 30 mA can be directly protected.

According to its rated limit short-circuit breaking capacity, the circuit breaker is divided into M type (higher breaking type) and H type (high breaking type four poles without H type). The circuit breaker has the characteristics of small volume, high breaking capacity, short arcing, and vibration resistance.

The circuit breaker can be mounted vertically (ie, vertically) or horizontally (ie horizontally).

The circuit breaker has an isolation function and its corresponding symbols are:“picture ”。

The circuit breaker complies with the standards: IEC-60947-2, GB-14048.2 and Appendix B circuit breakers with residual current protection.


The circuit breaker cannot be reversed into the line, that is, only 1, 3, and 5 are connected to the power line, and 2, 4, and 6 are connected to the load line.

II.Model meaning



1. According to the rated limit, the breaking capacity of the short circuit is divided into M type (higher breaking type) and H type (high breaking type).

2. The handle is operated directly without a code; the electric operation is indicated by D; the rotary handle is indicated by Z.

3. The circuit breaker for power distribution has no code; the protection motor is indicated by 2.

4. Divided into three poles and four poles according to the number of products.

Type A: The N-pole is not equipped with an overcurrent release, and the N-pole is always on and does not share with the other three poles.

Type B: The N-pole is not equipped with an overcurrent release, and the N-pole is combined with the other three poles (the N-pole is first combined and then divided).

5. Residual current release type is divided into type I and type II (see main performance indicators for details) type I is standard type, and type II should be specified when ordering.

6. No alarm unit module without code, the module with alarm unit should be specified when ordering.

III.Main technical indicators (leakage action characteristics)


IV.Protection features (offline action performance)

Power distribution


Protection motor


V.Leakage circuit breaker main performance indicators


Ⅵ.Trip unit method and accessory code



1. Trip unit mode and internal accessory code The first digit 2 indicates the electromagnetic (instantaneous) trip unit, 3 indicates the thermal-electromagnetic (multiplex) trip unit; the last two digits indicate the internal accessory code, if there is no accessory, use 00 Said.

2. The auxiliary contacts of 228, 328, 248, 348 in GXM1L-400 and 630 are a pair of contacts (ie one normally open, one normally closed). The auxiliary contacts of 268 and 368 specifications are three pairs of contacts (ie, three constants). Open, three normally closed).

3. GXM1L-100, 225 220, 320, 240, 340 specifications auxiliary contacts can provide two pairs of contacts (ie two normally open, two normally closed), but must be specified when ordering.

4. If the GXM1L series has a leakage alarm unit module, the accessory only provides ▲ specifications; the leakage alarm unit module has the following two methods, the user indicates when ordering as required:

Method 1: When a leakage occurs, the leakage alarm module generates a signal, and the breaker is tripped;

Method 2: When leakage occurs, the leakage alarm module generates a signal, but the breaker does not trip. This method is suitable for special occasions. Users should carefully consider this when using this function to protect the appliance.

5. Wiring alarm module wiring diagram see product identification or instruction manual, P1-P2, P3-P4 are normally open and normally closed contacts, contact capacity is AC230V 5A, P5-P6 end input power is AC50Hz230 or 400V (according to user Need to choose).

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