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GXW45 Series (2000/3200) Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker

GXW45 Series (2000/3200) Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker


GXW45 Series (2000/3200) Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker

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Product description

I. Use and scope of application

GXW45 intelligent universal circuit breaker is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage is 400V.690V, rated working current from 630A to 6300A. For power distribution and infrequent conversion of lines. The circuit breaker has intelligent multiple protection functions. Selective protection is accurate. It protects the line and electrical equipment from overload, short circuit, under voltage, single phase grounding GXM45-2000 drawer circuit breaker failure and other abnormal conditions. Power supply reliability.

II.The model meaning


Standards compliant

The circuit breaker meets the standards of GB14048.1, GB14048.2 and C60947-2.

III.The characteristics of the overview

1, The full range of specifications

GXW45 series universal circuit breakers are available in fixed, drawer and three-pole four-pole versions. Rated current 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 2900, 3200, 4000, 5000, 6300 and other specifications, a variety of accessories are complete.

2、It has a high rated short-time withstand current and breaking capacity.

3、The MCR and analog trip function are used to increase the limit breaking capacity.

4、long lasting.

Up/down operations up to 10,000 times

5、No additional arcing distance

An arc extinguishing chamber is arranged above the circuit breaker, and the de-ioning grid is used for double arc extinguishing, the arc extinguishing effect is good, and the arcing distance above the circuit breaker is zero.

6、Multiple wiring methods

In order to be suitable for wiring and installation of various power distribution panels, there are two types of wiring: horizontal terminal (conventional) and vertical sub (fixed without this specification).

7、Can enter and exit the line

The main circuit terminals do not need to distinguish between the power supply and the load side, and both the upper and lower lines are applicable.

8、Pre-alarm function can be implemented by any controller

When the load current exceeds the setting action value, the contact output is pre-alarmed by the controller, and the panel is illuminated by the LED.

9、Fault display and memory

When the circuit breaker trips due to long delay, short delay/instantaneous or grounding, etc., it is output through the contacts in the intelligent controller. At the same time, the panel LED indicates and the fault time can be memorized.

The fault current value and time value can also be memorized for the M and H types.

10、Advanced fault information management

Detect and display fault phase and fault current per phase.

All fault causes, fault currents, and fault categories are recorded in the direct-read memory, and can be kept recorded even if the controller is powered off.

Fault records help to understand the condition of the accident and the nature of the circuit.

11、Self-monitoring function

Operation monitoring of circuit breakers and operation, over-temperature alarm for ambient temperature, indication of wear on contacts, self-checking of protection devices, etc. to ensure the reliability of power supply.

12、Data transfer and monitoring management

Standard RS485 or multiple protocol bus interfaces enable four-remote operation of the data transfer and monitoring management system.

IV、Specifications and main technical parameters


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