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Patented high power LED light source

High efficiency, long life, green and environmentally friendly, short response time

LED Plant Growth Light Box

LED Plant Growth Light Box

Product description

The LED plant lamp was developed and produced by Jiangsu Guoxing Electric Co., Ltd. It is the result of the transformation of the National 863 Program and the joint research and development with Nanjing Agricultural University and the National Laboratory of Semiconductor Lighting Changzhou Semiconductor Lighting Application Technology Research Institute.

Technical features are:

1. According to the principle of plant photobiology, based on the plant light characteristics, the appropriate spectral energy distribution parameters are matched to the appropriate LED illuminating parameters to meet the plant growth requirements more efficiently.

2. The light distribution is reasonable and uniform, meeting the requirements of plant group needs.

3. Optimized shape, compact structure, small space occupation, easy to place in various space sizes

4. Adopting high-efficiency thermal management, patented technology, slow light decay and stable light output.

5. High power density and strong light output.

6. Abandon fan cooling, improve overall reliability and stability, and long life of the whole lamp.

7. Better protection, waterproof and dustproof, and higher environmental adaptability.

The product series include: special lamp for vegetables, special lamp for lettuce, special lamp for tomato, special lamp for cucumber, special lamp for tobacco, special lamp for leek, special lamp for peanut, special lamp for Dendrobium, special lamp for flower candle, special lamp for chrysanthemum... Customized various plant lights are required.

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