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Patented high power LED light source

High efficiency, long life, green and environmentally friendly, short response time

High efficiency LED high bay light GX-GK-002

High efficiency LED high bay light GX-GK-002

Product description

Performance and Characteristics

Adopting American Puri, Taiwan wafer chip, self-encapsulated light source, high light efficiency, using Mingwei, Maoshuo power supply, providing five-year product quality unique "fin + heat pipe" patented heat dissipation design, LED heat dissipation area Large, excellent thermal conductivity, effectively reduce the temperature of the LED junction, high luminous efficiency of the lamp, the maximum power of the product is 500W, the ultra-high brightness can reach 40,000m, 50~200W, the whole lighting effect reaches 100mW, and can provide both IP40 and IP65 indoor and outdoor. The degree of protection is used, and the two illumination angles are 80 and 120 degrees.

Beautiful appearance, light weight, high installation and performance.


Factory, warehouse, production and logistics workshops, hypermarkets, stadiums, public indoor places, other industrial and commercial applications.

Innovative design

Built-in heat pipe technology

Heat pipe technology with built-in ultra-high thermal conductivity

The phase change material inside the heat pipe efficiently removes heat from the LED light source

Fin cooling technology

Fully automatic machine disposable aluminum molding, high production efficiency.

Different radiator parts are welded at high temperature, and the performance is durable and reliable.

The overall heat dissipation area is large and the result is light.

Safety luminaire structure design

The product is equipped with different installation methods to make the product work under vibration for a long time.

The built-in rivet design makes the combination of different product parts more stable.


Installation height reference guide

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