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Why is the circuit breaker at home not pushed up?

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Why is the circuit breaker at home not pushed up?

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Test method: Remove all loads and press R. Press T after power-on. If the trip is leaky, if it is not tripped, throw it away.

First of all, we have to say that household circuit breakers are divided into air-opening and leakage protection, and most of the current leakage protection is empty and leakage protection. So I will take this kind of leakage protection as an example. Its role is: overload, short circuit, leakage three protection. Therefore, if the brakes are not closed after the trip, it is definitely one of the following three situations.


Open and leak protection

This C63 leakage protection is generally in the main switch position, remember to press R for the first time. T is a test button once a month.

First, there is a short circuit in the line that cannot be closed

This is the protection of the open part. The short circuit is particularly harmful. If you do not rule out the cause, do not try to send power.

Solution: In the case of power failure, we can use the multimeter's buzzer to measure the on-off method and segment search. Since it is a short circuit, the fire line and the zero line are connected together, and the fault can be sent to the power supply after the fault is removed.


Short circuit hazard causes fire

Second, there is leakage in the line that cannot be closed

This is the protection of the missing part. This is a good judgment. If it is a leakage trip, the test button on the leak will bounce. If it is short circuited and overloaded, this small square is not moving.

The yellow T button above is the test button

Solution: 1, first check if the wire is damaged, whether the home appliances are damp. Then use a multimeter to measure whether the wire has resistance to the ground. If it is, it must be connected to the ground or indirect ground somewhere, and check it everywhere.


2, Rúguǒ diànqì bù duō jiālǐ méiyǒu wànyòngbiǎo, jiù yòng páichú fǎ. Bǎ jiālǐ de suǒyǒu diànqì duàn diàn, ránhòu sòng shàng diàn, diànqì yīgè gè tōngdiàn. Nǎge diànqì tōngdiàn shí tiàozhá nǎge diànqì lòudiàn, zài zhēnduì xìng jiǎnchá zhège diànqì. Rúguǒ suǒyǒu diànqì duàn diàn háishì lòu bǎo tiàozhá, nà jiùshì zhǔ xiànlù lòudiàn. Hái yǒu jiùshì bǔchōng yījù, lòu bǎo tiàozhá, xūyào àn xià cèshì ànniǔ cái kěyǐ zàicì hé zhá (chángshì).
2, if there are not many appliances and there is no multimeter at home, use the exclusion method. Power off all the appliances in the house, then send them to the power, and the appliances are powered one by one. Which appliance is tripped when the appliance is energized, and then the appliance is checked. If all appliances are powered off or missed, it is the main line leakage. There is also a supplementary sentence, missed protection trip, you need to press the test button to close again (common sense).

Third, there may be many friends who think that it is overloaded and cannot be gated.

In fact, after the overload, the brake will not be closed, and the overload trip has a buffer time. Moreover, after the overload, one can close the switch, and the second is that the current may be too large to burn out the contact, and this situation can also be closed. So the third situation is actually silly. 13 is that the circuit breaker is broken, it can't work normally, and it may not be able to close the gate.

Solution: Don't use big brother to say it.

Test method: Remove all loads and press R. Press T after power-on. If the trip is leaky, if it is not tripped, throw it away.